Inspired by @alligeeshow and @bookishclaire and @shanaz
  1. Have you eaten yet?
    This is actually the standard Asian greeting 👲
  2. It's delicious, you HAVE to try some.
    Oh, twist my arm why don't you.
  3. Let's get ice cream
  4. So I was buying bubble tea and got you one too
    My fave is passionfruit tea with sago and extra ice
  5. Are you hungry? I can make you...
    Usually said after my stomach grumbles
  6. We should get brunch this Saturday.
  7. We saved you some food, don't worry
  8. Dimsum?
  9. Did you want leftovers?
    I once left a wedding with so much leftover food. 👌
  10. Don't worry, I'll pay
    I forget my money a lot of the time and my friends are used to it. I'm a terrible person I know.
  11. Can you make it to my BBQ?
    Hmmm, lemme think 🤔
  12. Here, I got you a mocha.
    And then a face because the concept of mochas offend them. 😝
  13. Almond croissants are still your favourite right?
    They are my second favourite breakfast pastry at the moment, yes.
  14. Yeah, you can have my change for the vending machine.
    My coworker has a LOT of change, he hates them weighing down his pockets.
  15. Do you want to eat this for me?
  16. I need you to try this cake I made
  17. Where should we eat for your birthday?
  18. We're making dinner tonight, you could come over if you want?
    Said like I was doing them a favour 😂😂😂
  19. So I know you're fasting but I wanted to get you a present. You can drink juice right?
    Actual most romantic thing someone has said to me to date
  20. I have some time before the party, I'll make you some soup
    Said by my flatmate while I was sick on Valentine's day
  21. BONUS:
    Bad news, we left your ice cream cake at home. Good news, we got you a replacement birthday cake! I was so conflicted about how I felt.