I never want redos though, I mean I was dumb, but #noragrats. 😝
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    So let me set the scene:
    I'm 12 and I've just moved back to Australia. I have a strong Malaysian accent and unfortunate style (it was just me and dad) and I was desperate to make friends before high school.
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    I'd finally gotten my period
    🎶I'm not a girl, not yet a woman 🎶My mum was in Melbourne and about a 4 hour flight away.
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    And sitting opposite me in class was one of the popular girls
    It was some advanced maths class but obviously this was my chance to show them I was cool and fun!!!! 👌
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    So I manage to engage her in conversation and we kinda run out of things to say...
    And then she asks me if I have any pets
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    And I say "Yes, Libra (the brand name)"
    I thought she asked if I had any pads 😭 I was so impressed at the casual way she just asked in class and how she was clearly telepathic as I'd just gotten my first period and THIS WAS MY CHANCE TO BE A HERO
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    So she replies "Oh, cool, what is it?"
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    And I reply/yell 😂😂😂
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    😶 "So... A bird? Like a parrot?"
    OH EM GEE, what have I done?????
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    "Yeah, but it died." - cue sad look -
    I mean, what if we somehow manage to become friends and she asks to see my pet??? Even in the midst of my insanity I managed to think ahead
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    She immediately loses interest and goes back to her book
    In the meantime, I'm about fifty shades of red and trying desperately to think if I've said anything embarrassing.
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    Spoiler: I get in with the popular crowd and we remain tight going into high school 🎉🎉🎉
    Until I ditched them when I was 15 for some less popular (but definitely more fun) girls. 💁🏻 We still talk, we just went in different directions.