I can't believe a year has flown by so fast ✈️ well, almost a year. This may be specific to Australians moving to Scotland. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Like and relist to get me to the next round of @aus10 march madness comp.
  1. It'll take forever to pack your life up
    I thought two days was enough but ended up chucking clothing in boxes while my movers packed up my bookshelves.
  2. I can be a minimalist if forced to
    Shipping your stuff over will take a month longer than quoted, postage is super expensive and in the UK they charge insane taxes for online shopping.
  3. Different country, different culture (duh)
    Some things are universal, many things are not. People have so many different ways of doing the same thing. I, at least, moved somewhere in the Commonwealth that spoke the same language.
  4. People are quite willing to do favours for a friend of a friend
    I didn't know anyone personally in Edinburgh when I moved here but I had the contact details of friends of friends (of friends). God sends
  5. Most people love to help or share their experience/recommendations
    I was way too shy to ask for help when I first got here, but I've been so keen to share my experiences/advice with others who have since moved here
  6. It's easy to make friends, real hard to make close friends
    I grew up in Perth, and I could walk around my neighbourhood and tell you where all my primary school/high school friends live. All my close friends I've known for upwards of ten years, and I have 6 friends I've known for 20+ years. Always thought of myself as a social person and this was a huge shock to the system.
  7. It's so hard to keep in touch back home
    Especially with the 8 hour time difference, and despite social media and technology, there is so much that gets left out. Be disciplined, don't get discouraged.
  8. You will miss out on birthdays and weddings and graduations and births and other significant milestones
    Be prepared for this and for the guilt. :/
  9. Weather will make a HUGE impact on your life and how you feel
    I knew Scotland was cold and windy but I didn't get it until I moved here. Last summer it was about the same temp here in Scotland as it was back home in Perth (i.e. Winter there)
  10. Have savings and be prepared to spend it 😭
    It'll take a while to set up a bank account (especially in the UK, they want all sorts of things, including NI number that you'll need proof of residence first to get), you'll have no credit history, potentially no income and everything adds up.
  11. Things that you don't even think about will probably be the most difficult to adjust to
    The amount of foods and beauty products and pharmaceutical drugs that I never even thought I'd miss. The local knowledge of the area that has taken years to build up. Who's dating who and the personal history that you just don't know and weren't present for
  12. Taxes, pensions, visas, medical insurance, travel insurance, NI number, post, drivers license are a hassle to sort out. Find out how to do this early
    To be honest, a lot of this was sorted by my company but it was still a hassle to get someone to give me clear advice, sort things in a timely manner etc
  13. Don't put off sorting out your GP
    I still haven't done this, but apparently, you go in to a clinic with your passport and you'll get registered with the NHS?
  14. Try to sort out everything before you leave as much as possible, as early as possible
    It's actually so difficult to find an international number to call, let alone sorting out change of address, cancelling bills, suspending accounts, reminding them that you've called 4 times previously
  15. Finding a place to rent in Edinburgh is difficult and most people live within walking distance of the CBD.
    Places are snapped up so fast, there's no point in contacting rental agencies until a week before you arrive. It took me about a month to find a place and I was getting sick of viewing rentals and being told the same day via email that it was gone. Talk to people or rental agencies and get suggestions for areas. Then do your research, walk around the area, look online for rentals in those areas and contact them all to arrange viewings. Have your references, first month rent and deposit ready
  16. You will need to plan your must-do's or the chance will slip right by
    Honestly, time just flies by and I thought I'd travel a lot more than I did (Isle of Skye, Glencoe, London, Greece, Turkey, Paris, Slovenia)
  17. People love talking about their experiences travelling and explaining their culture/differences to you
    Easiest way for me to get tips on somewhere I'm interested in going, also, they love it if you've never tried something before. Never skied, they're already an expert compared to you
  18. That I like haggis and raw tuna (not together), I've gotten used to bagpipes, kilts, drizzle and the castle and that ceilidhs are the BEST fun.
    I really really miss decent Asian food though
  19. Scotland is beautiful and you will meet the best people here
    I've had such a good year here so far, also, the Fringe Festival is AMAZING
  20. That what I'd regret most would be not learning everything I could from the people I meet here
    And not getting to visit Spain, Croatia, Norway or Iceland
  21. There are a ton of Aussies in the UK
    And a lot of people visiting. I always look forward to catching up with my Perth friends who have moved over/are visiting
  22. It's maybe the BEST and scariest thing I've ever done
    I have another year to go!!!! 👌
  23. People love Australians 🇦🇺