I'm such a sticky beak, so I thought I'd share and hopefully find out about your bag. Plus this is more socially acceptable than just pawing through someone else's bag.
  1. Banana
    We get free fruit at work. 🍌
  2. 2 bars of Wispa
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    Mmmm emergency chocolate 🍫
  3. Reading glasses and sunglasses
    Things you learn growing up in Aus, always bring sunnies with you. 😎
  4. Rugby World Cup ticket - old
    Aus v Wales game 🇦🇺
  5. 3 pens ✒️
    2 blue, 1 green
  6. 2 packs of my company's branded mints
    Yes, my company has branded mints in reception. 😆
  7. L'occitane hand moisturiser - almond
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    Love this and I have two other tubes hidden around my flat
  8. A little lemon lolly I got for free somewhere
    Don't really like this flavour but I'm keeping it for the same reason as my emergency chocolate.
  9. Business cards I never hand out
  10. M&S choccie bics
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    These aren't emergency chocolate, these are just normal chocolate.
  11. Sainsburys receipt
  12. Bus pass 🚌
  13. Security pass for work
  14. A safety pin and 30 pence 💸
  15. In my bag: wallet, peanut butter chocolate Kind bar, tissues, grocery receipt, Trebor Softmints, Bite Beauty lush lip tint in Watermelon (I'm obsessed), ticket stub from a work event, Eos lipbalm, gum, Christina Haag's book "Come to the Edge," and about 5 pens and highlighters.
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    Suggested by @LizDawson
  16. My planner, wallet, business cards, Chapstick, work badge, pens, key to my desk, tissues, a few receipts, a little notebook, and an empty wallet from Lululemon that a gift card came in. I've been carrying it around forever, meaning to show it to someone as a possible promo item we could order with our company's messaging on it.
    Suggested by @doodler19