Why I'm Looking Forward To Eurovision This Year

  1. Australia is in it again
    Isn't Dami beautiful? #yeswearepartofeuropenow
  2. We came 5th last year with Guy Sebastian
    "Nice to see Australia has their own Bruno Mars" to paraphrase Graham Norton
  3. Hoping for some of this
    They came second I think (in a previous year)
  4. And some of this
    The crazy costumes
  5. And this
    You get some cool (awful?) traditional mixed modern songs
  6. And this guy
    Last year's winner had holographs
  7. Even this
    Another winner from a previous year
  8. Live tweeting
    Apologies in advance to my Twitter friends
  9. Commentators
    "Well that's 2 minutes of your life you won't get back" - again paraphrasing Graham Norton
  10. Country representatives
    They usually sit in front of a landmark and read out scores, but are generally dressed to the nines
  11. Just the spectacle in general
    I just really need ridiculous songs and ridiculous costumes. Musicality you say??? 🤔
  12. p.s. My friend is working bts in the UK broadcasting part for Eurovision and I can't wait for her snapchats 🎉