She thinks it would be hilarious to watch me flounder around, but she's not prepared to pair up with me to do this.
  1. Sense of direction - poor
    I get lost coming out of bathrooms in shopping malls. I can't tell east from west, which makes catching the tube very difficult.
  2. Constant need to pee
    On the plus side, I've now gotten pretty good at communicating this need to people in different countries.
  3. Constant need to eat
    I get HANGRY. Three square meals a day at regular intervals please.
  4. Bit of a princess
    If I have bulky/heavy luggage, I will call a taxi rather than lug it everywhere on a bus.
  5. Not fit enough
    I don't go to the gym and I get puffed climbing up stairs.
  6. I get distracted easily
    I learnt at an early age what to do if I got lost at the shops because I'd keep getting distracted and lose my mum.
  7. I give up too easily
    I don't have the patience to persist at mental puzzles. I.e. Riddles, sudoku, Rubik's cubes.
  8. ...
  9. I'm good with money though,
  10. I'm pretty good at communicating using body language/hand signals
  11. And I'm good at memorising stuff