This will be my first winter in Scotland. Having previously lived in Perth, Australia, I need serious help. Any suggestions?
  1. Raincoat
    Completely waterproof and down to my knees
  2. Black sports waterproof jacket
    Not for sports, I just like looking like I could do sports
  3. Puffy jacket
    I have no idea what to look for having never had one
  4. Thick winter coat that will keep me warm
    I have three coats, all relatively thin. I may have been wearing them since May.
  5. Faux fur jacket
    I don't really need this. I just want to feel like I'm in Russia
  6. Items to layer
    I honestly have no idea what to buy or how to do this
  7. Cute ass rainboots
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    Suggested by @thetrillwitch
  8. Gloves! (Preferably long knitted ones.)
    When we lived in Scotland, my husband's hands were frequently a terrifying shade of purple.
    Suggested by @katya