Memories, sweet memories
  1. Mariah Carey, Daydream
    I think this was the first full-length CD I ever bought. One Sweet Day would make me cry but the real banger was Always Be My Baby.
  2. Kanye West, 808s and Heartbreaks
    A true vision and masterpiece. I had the honor of sitting in the audience for VH1 Storytellers and seeing him perform most of these songs. His perfectionism was mind blowing. He is without a doubt a genius and this album proves it.
  3. Michael Jackson, HIStory
    It caught me up on all the essential songs I never really knew. And then I spent hours upon hours watching his music videos. Smooth Criminal!!!
  4. A Tribute to Curtis Mayfield
    This just brings the happiest memories of spending time with my mom. This was an album we could always agree on and sing along to in the car.