1. Picking up my family from the airport
    There have been way too many homeowner troubles while they've been gone.
  2. Seeing Mumford & Sons in concert
  3. Possibly going on a big trip
    Like renewing my passport, big
  4. Getting a new drivers license
    With hopefully a better picture
  5. Moving to a new city
  6. Moving out of my parents house
  7. Attending the wedding of one of my best friends
  8. And road tripping there with @earthswinging
  9. Going to grad school!
  10. Watching Chuck and Blair get married
    I'm all about Gossip Girl right now, sorry
  11. Turning 26!
  12. Cardinals baseball
  13. Game of Thrones Season 6
  14. Attempting more of the Great British Baking Show desserts
  15. Reading
  16. ??????
    Hopefully good unknowns