1. Started a book club with some friends
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  2. My front yard looked like Narnia
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  3. I went to my first NHL game
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    Let's go Blues!
  4. Attended lots of Cardinals games too
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  5. Found a new (to me) independent bookstore in my area
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  6. Welcome to Nightvale with @earthswinging
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    Also Book of Mormon & Inside Out & lots of Netflix
  7. 25th Birthday
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    After a haircut, dinner with a few good friends, and a few very good drinks
  8. First trip to New York!
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  9. Dinner with a best friend and puppy
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  10. Trips to the Muny with the Family
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    We saw Into the Woods and Oklahoma
  11. Reread Harry Potter
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  12. First trip to Colorado!
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    Just in time to see the aspens 💛
  13. First trip to California!
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  14. Camped in Yosemite
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  15. Accepted to grad school!!!
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