Thanks for this wonderful request, @ChrisK ! Turns out there are lots of books I enjoy reading but want nothing to do with when it comes to how I want to live.
  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    Obviously. I want to live in the wizarding world and experience magic and the Ravenclaw common room, but would like to do so in the epilogue. No Voldemort interrupting my life/education.
  2. The Night Circus
    Ideally I would be rich enough to not have to work and I could just be a reveur who travels around following the circus.
  3. Pride and Prejudice
    My name is Elizabeth. I have, in real life, been described as "amiable." And I could definitely use a single man in possession of good fortune who is in want of a wife.
  4. Etta and Otto and Russell and James
    This book is so aesthetically pleasing. I would love to just walk with Etta forever.
  5. The Last Battle (The Chronicles of Narnia)
    Again, I would live at the end of the book. I've always liked the idea of the "Onward and upward!" section.
  6. The Night Before Christmas
    I love cold weather. I love Christmas. I love nighttime and sleeping. This could be my entire life.
  7. Pottery Barn Catalogue
    Does this count as a book? Don't care. Let me live here.