Based solely on song titles
  1. Hello
    Hello, I know I'm a terrible friend who hasn't talked to you in forever. Buttttt let's talk now? I guess?
  2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
    I've seen her on Facebook and trust me, it's cool.
  3. I Miss You
    A ballad about all the desserts I can't eat until I get my gallbladder removed.
  4. When We Were Young
    A list of #tbts. Alternatively, a song about how annoying we all used to be and how annoying it is to relive through timehop.
  5. Remedy
    The theme song for The Office. My go to show when I'm feeling overwhelmed or sick or in any way negative.
  6. Water Under the Bridge
    Learning how to not pay attention to most of the things I am called while working on acute psych units.
  7. River Lea
    A descriptive song about a river and autumn and leaves changing and cold and the best time of the year.
  8. Love in the Dark
    All about Jon Snow. Because he's the best and alive and winter is coming. Real winter. The ice wind'll howl out the North, the sun hides its face for years and little children will all be born and die in the darkness.
  9. Million Years Ago
    The story of the last date I went on. Meh.
  10. All I Ask
    Is to do well on this damn GRE tomorrow.
  11. Sweetest Devotion
    A song all about me and learning to be happy with and take care of myself!