Places I just like to be.
  1. The oversized chair in my parents' basement
    Number 1 spot for curling up with a blanket and reading or watching TV. Especially if no one else is home.
  2. Memorial Plaza at UE
    My favorite place on my college campus, especially in the fall.
  3. Harlaxton
    This is the British Campus of UE located in Grantham, England. I spent a summer here and loved every single moment.
  4. The Cafe Balcony in the Tate Modern
    This is my favorite view in London. I've also stopped by every time I've been, so that's been really interesting to visit the exact same location at very different times in my life.
  5. The library
    I really love libraries in general. This was my favorite branch when I lived in Georgia.
  6. Busch Stadium
    I love going to Cardinals games. And I usually get to go with my dad.
  7. Janie's Sunroom
    The wonderful lady who let me live with her during my internship had an amazing sunroom. Ideally it would be dark and rainy and I would be reading in the papasan chair.
  8. Seeing live music
    What a great shared experience. And at the same time, I don't have to interact with anyone else.
  9. Traveling
    Just in general I love to travel. So if I'm going anywhere, especially somewhere new, I'm happy.