1. St. Louis, MO
    I've moved from & to St. Louis (or the St. Louis area) many, many times. This is also where I currently am.
  2. Alamogordo, NM
    Unfortunately I was too young to really remember this. I do however remember seeing roadrunners on our street and going sledding down the white sand dunes.
  3. Shirley, IN
    Very very very small town.
  4. Evansville, IN
    University of Evansville. Four years well spent. Also the school where the actor who plays Kenneth on 30 Rock attended. Not at the same time... but I saw him there once!
  5. Decatur, GA
    Moved here for an internship after graduation. LOVE IT. Miss it so much.
  6. Stone Mountain, GA
    I only lived here for like a month between apartments, but I milk it for all its worth because 30 Rock! Kenneth strikes again!
  7. Atlanta, GA
    The first apartment of my own and a mildly crazy roommate.