1. Dominated the GRE
    When you're a valedictorian in high school and then a music major in college it is a little difficult to convince yourself that you've still got what it takes when it comes to standardized tests. But I did it!
  2. Accepted to Grad School
    I figured out what I wanted to get a masters in, applied to schools, and was accepted to two programs (still waiting for one more before deciding)
  3. Overcame FOMO
    I have alway been an introverted homebody, but I really struggled with feelings of missing out in high school. I'm still working, but am much better at only saying yes to things I want to do and being okay on my own even when other people are doing things without me.
  4. Joined a Gym
    And formed pretty decent exercise routine for the first time.
  5. Traveled to Both Coasts
    From California to the New York Island (This land was made for you and me).
  6. Read all of the A Song of Ice and Fire Series
    I liked these a lot more than I thought I would and was surprised by how quickly I read them all.
  7. Socialized with Ex-Friends
    Thanks other friends getting married... It was awkward, but we all survived.
  8. Completed my first (unsolicited) List Request
    Thanks @amandataylor88 !