In contrast to my "Things I Don't Like as Much as Everyone Else" list. Trying to keep it positive!
  1. Mornings
    Waking up early > Staying up late
  2. NPR
    My number one radio preset and basically the only thing I listen to. (This may apply more to the outside world than to users of the list app)
  3. Psych
    I rarely hear anyone talk about this show, but I love it! I've seriously watched all the episodes at least twice.
  4. Dobby
    I know, everyone loves Dobby. But this is the only HP death I cried for. And continue to cry for every time I read or watch it.
  5. Living at Home
    I get lots of crap and weird looks for this. But honestly, I love my parents and I'm saving a tooooooon of money.
  6. Word Jumbles
    Specifically the one in the Sunday paper
  7. Airports
    I love being in airports! It means I'm going somewhere exciting! And it's perfect for people watching.