I had gallbladder surgery on Monday. My sister has designated the period of time that followed my "medical vacation." And actually, it was kind of nice to have some forced relaxation. Usually I'm running around and busy on my days off.
  1. Watched Season 3 of Arrow
  2. Finished reading Trigger Warning
  3. Started reading Mythology
  4. Colored in my Coloring Book
  5. Watched Moonrise Kingdom
  6. Watched Kings of Pastry
  7. Drank many a Ginger Ale
  8. Took 2-3 naps per day
  9. Watched the Democratic Town Hall
  10. Started New Girl
  11. Worked on my taxes
  12. Watched Fixer Upper
  13. Watched Chopped
    Unfortunately on the day I was most nauseous.... 😬
  14. Went for a walk
  15. Beat all available levels on Two Dots
  16. Baked Mary Berry's scones
  17. Appreciated all of your kind thoughts and prayers and words
    Shout out to @hannah_rachel & @margaretyoko among others 💕