Inspired by @mindy via "Why Not Me?"
  1. Flowers
    I like the idea of flowers, but I never buy them. Feel free to bring them for me when you come to dinner.
  2. A few people I don't know
    I like to meet people, but the ratio should be like 1 new person to every 3 people I already know
  3. A nice card with a heart-felt note inside
    I like putting cards I receive on my bookcase to remind me of people. Butttt, maybe mail this? So that I can get mail.... Maybe send me a thank you card for my amazing dinner.
  4. An idea for things to do after dinner
    I'm in charge of the meal, you can be in charge of what happens next.
  5. An old picture of Colin Firth you found
    Same, @mindy
  6. A good story to share
    About literally anything. Just make it interesting.
  7. Low expectations for dinner, High expectations for dessert
    I know my strengths.