Any time I go somewhere I can't help but think about how some people get to see those things every day in ordinary circumstances. What do you see?
  1. St. Louis Skyline/Arch
    Taken while sitting in bridge traffic.
  2. The Mississippi River
    I cross state lines and Big Muddy to get to work. No river pic on my phone, but the skies I see on the drive can be pretty amazing. This time of year we're starting to see eagles by the river, which is so excellent.
    Suggested by   @ladyprofessor
  3. This cool park where I catch the bus.
    Also, the Pentagon, Air Force Memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery.
    Suggested by   @macnchz
  4. Fellow passengers
    I take public transport. Still haven't quite mastered the technique of taking pics of strangers without them realising 😓 😬
    Suggested by   @rusepeal
  5. Nashville skyline
    Not my picture. It looks this pretty when I see it but my phone never does it justice.
    Suggested by   @andlamb
  6. Camelback Mountain.
    *not my picture* - see how it looks like his head on the right and hump on the left?
    Suggested by   @jenward
  7. Southern California Coast
    My view to/from school and my summer job
    Suggested by   @H
  8. Flat iron building in Manhattan. My office is literally right 👉🏻
    Suggested by   @gwenllain