One of my favorite printmakers because of his amazing illustrated band posters that always pop up at places I love around Chicago (friends' apartments, Wicker Park bars, The Hideout, music fests and concerts around town)
  1. Japandroids poster
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    I got this at Pitchfork 2 years ago and under amazing circumstances it survived the entire walk home from Union Park during a massive down pour. It now proudly sits above my desk in my apartment.
  2. Built to Spill poster
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    This was "lent" to me by my brother when he moved out of his apartment in Chicago back to St. Louis. I have never been to a Built to Spill (or Japandroids) concert but especially love the poster illustration and colors. I have no intention of giving it back.
  3. Poster of a giant tortoise surrounded by boats
  4. Poster for Flatstock of a rabbit looking at a new band poster
  5. Poster of a bear running with scissors while wearing socks
  6. Poster of a dinosaur with an extremely long body and tiny legs swimming