1. Getting called "sexi mama" walking down the street in ur pajamas
    No bigger ego boost exists. Thx honey 😘
  2. Constant, unwavering pressure to be thin
    Because if you don't hate yourself a little bit, are you even living correctly?!!!?!
  3. Being able to relate to at least one of the 1-dimensional characters on Sex and the City
    Today I have a bad haircut so I'm a Miranda, tomorrow I'll wear something preppy so I'm mostly a Charlotte. But every day I'm desperately looking for a man to validate me so I'm always a Carrie
  4. Crying to get what you want
    Every woman's secret weapon. We all LOVE losing our shit in public and being called "hysterical" and "overemotional" v v flattering!!
  5. People assuming youre not as intelligent
    Hahahahah but like I don't get ittttt
  6. Not being funny
    Women aren't funny at all. Tina fey is probably the most boring person on TV. Mindy Kaling can't write for shit because of her stupid girl vagina
  7. Shoes
    It's been statistically proven that every single woman loves a new pair of pumps!!! 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👡
  8. Being able to carry a child inside your own body for 9 months, giving birth to it raising it and still not being trusted the same way men are