1. The poop emoji is actually supposed to be chocolate ice cream with personality. Dirty minds just assumed it was poop, so the perception stunk. I mean stuck.
  2. Game of Thrones was originally written as a Network Television show. When it was turned down by ABC, George R. R. Martin wrote it as a novel instead.
  3. Steve jobs often used PCs in his personal life, stating that the spinning wheel made him nauseous.
  4. Before Christianity, people went from Saturday straight to Monday, giving blue collar workers only one day weekends.
  5. Hiccups are actually lies that get trapped in your lower throat. When you get nervous or drink too much water, they try to escape. The lie itself can be heard if you slow down the low frequency by 5000%.
  6. There are no permits or laws needed or against building bus stops. If you have the money to build one, you can make busses stop anywhere.
  7. In 2004, a professor at MIT developed an algorithm for accurately predicting human penis size. Key variables include the horsepower of your car and how many push ups you can do.
  8. The closest living relations to domestic house cats are actually feudal-age, Japanese ninjas.
  9. Face swap technology was originally invented by Porn Hub to provide a more interactive experience for viewers.
  10. Until 2009, all marijuana was organic except your uncle Steves.
  11. This is the eleventh item on this list, making this list the only list on List a lie.