1. Uber
    1 STAR - My date picked me up and asked where I wanted to go. When we got to Bareburger, they dropped me off and drove away. But it gets worse. THEY CHARGED ME for gas and a "service fee." Like WTF!
  2. Fandango
    3 STARS - Finally used this app. It's cool how I can get our tickets right on the phone, but my date never showed up. Kinda worked out tho. Got all the popcorn to myself.
  3. Blue Apron
    5 STARS - Best dating app ever! I never saw my date, but he dropped off all the ingredients and instructions at my door for me to cook. Being a foodie, I thought it was so cool of him. Hope to see him at some point 😜.
  4. LinkedIn
    2 STARS - Eh. People have nice head shots, but everyone's so braggy about their jobs. Everyone was so formal. No one "endorsed" my foreplay skills.
  5. Dropbox
    1 STAR - Didn't live up to its dirty pun name.
  6. Instagram
    3 STARS - I tried this one out simply because of the new logo. I gotta say, people seemed more interested in followers than love. #nofilter #sorrynot