Gonna try to do this in chronological order... Also counting comedians because it's basically the same thing
  1. Buddy Guy
    Saw this blues legend with my grandpa at the Fox in Detroit. Jimi Hendrix called him the greatest guitar player of all time and he didn't disappoint
  2. Wilco
    They opened for Bob Dylan a couple summers ago. They put on a fantastic, really fun show. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is still one of my favorite albums.
  3. My Morning Jacket
    They also opened for Bob Dylan. What a great night...
  4. Bob Dylan
    His voice has turned to absolute shit, but it was still so cool to see a certified legend live. My friend and I snuck up to the third row for his last song and we got to see him play Blowin' in the Wind like 20 feet away from us. One of my favorite memories ever.
  5. Cults
    They opened for Vampire Weekend and I'd never heard of them before this show but Go Outside is such a great summer time song and they were the perfect band to open for Vampy Weeks.
  6. Vampire Weekend
    One of my all time favorite bands. They opened with Diane Young and they just looked like they were having the time of their lives the whole night
  7. Jerry Seinfeld
    The first comedian I've ever seen live. He had some absolutely hilarious classic Seinfeld bits about the post office and pop tarts.
  8. Father John Misty
    He opened for Alabama Shakes and, counting both of them, this is probably the best show I've ever been to. He has such a presence on stage. His performance of Holy Shit gave me serious chills and his dance moves are just sexy - there's no other way of saying it.
  9. Alabama Shakes
    Brittany Howard has such a powerful voice. I went to this show with my mom and grandpa and they both said that Alabama Shakes gave the best performance they've ever seen. Miss You gave the entire room chills, it was surreal.
  10. John Mulaney
    God, he's just so funny. When he first came out, a group of men in their 60's got up and left and he made a crack like "This isn't the Jimmy Buffet tribute band, let's go guys!" When he talked about the pitch for Back to the Future I actually had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard
  11. Bill Burr
    Another one of my must-sees for comedians. He's probably tied with Louis CK (who I'm seeing in August!!) for my favorite comedian. He's just not afraid to be honest. Honestly he's not for everyone but he just says stuff that is so true but wouldn't be as funny from anyone else.
  12. Oh Wonder
    I'd never heard of these guys before they came to my school. They're a duo from England and they have a really cool vibe that I almost can't even explain. Like lo-fi electronic, or something. They were really great and seemed like genuinely nice people.
  13. Daughter
    One of those "Oh, I've heard OF them but I've never actually heard them." I became a fan after I saw them for like $10 at my school. They sing mostly sad stuff but that's what I mostly listen to lol
  14. Portugal. The Man
    These guys have such insane energy. They opened for Cage the Elephant and I was honestly wondering how Cage could possibly top it. There were some songs where it was almost overwhelming how loud and crazy it was in there.
  15. Cage the Elephant
    I'd heard lots of things about how great these guys are live and my expectations were exceeded by a mile. Insane. Just insane. When they performed It's Just Forever I thought the place was going to go up in flames.
  16. Courtney Barnett
    Giphy downsized medium
    Alright, this show isn't for a few days from now but I'm too excited to not put it on the list. Saw her on SNL the other night and I'm sooooo hyped. Probably gonna turn out to be my new favorite but we'll see!!