Favorite SNL sketches, ranked

  1. 11.
    Veteran Newscaster Herb Welch
    Bill Hader, man.
  2. 10.
    Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood
    There wasn't a gif for this sketch): "This is how you answer the door in my neighborhood: 'WHO IS IT?'"
  3. 9.
    Debbie Downer
    Specifically, the one where Horatio and Jimmy lose it
  4. 8.
    Census Taker
    Hilariously ridiculous and Christopher Walken is so bad he's amazing
  5. 7.
    Indoor Gardening Tips From A Man Who Is Afraid Of Plants
    How Christopher Walken says "googly eyes" is half the reason I love this one
  6. 6.
    Schweddy Balls
    An undeniable classic
  7. 5.
    Inside The Actor's Studio
    Just so accurate
  8. 4.
    The Air Quotes Guy
    Just non-stop hilarious
  9. 3.
    Harry Caray
  10. 2.
    Dissing Your Dog
    Probably the hardest I've ever laughed at a sketch
  11. 1.
    Hidden Camera Commercial
    Chris Farley is a god. This sketch is so unexplainably funny. Just something that everyone thinks of when they see these types of commercials