Things I'm working on changing

  1. My pretentiousness
    I can be an asshole, I know. And I'm trying to become more accepting of different things/opinions
  2. My laziness
    I can't seem to accept the fact that I need to work for the things that I want. But I'm trying to be more diligent this school year to spend more time working and less time playing
  3. Listening rather than just waiting for my turn to talk
    This used to be wayyyyy worse. The more close relationships I make, the better I'm getting at this
  4. Eating better
    This is also something I've been better at lately. Completely cut out pop and I've been turning more towards healthier options for meals.
  5. Saving my money
    I have a tendency to spend money the second I get it, so this summer it's been my goal to go 3 weeks between buying anything online, and only one thing at a time. It's really shown me that half the shit that I usually want I don't care about 2 days later after I don't impulsively buy it.