1. Oh cool, Tom's telling me about economics. I'm sure he's pretty smart with this stuff. He's probably been around the block
  2. Oh, wow.
  3. The economists in the 20's said that 1929 was supposed to be a good year!
  4. I didn't know that!
  5. Huh, I guess predicting the stock market is kinda like predicting the weather!
  6. Tom's a pretty smart guy.
  7. I should talk to him more.
  8. Yeah, maybe I should switch out my Econ class next semester!
  9. Oh cool, now he's talking about his time in college!
  10. Woah
  11. Wait
  12. Did Tom just fucking fart?
  13. Maybe it was just his foot hitting the ground or something...
  14. Okay he just said excuse me, Tom definitely fucking farted and it was loud.
  15. Hang on
  16. Is he just continuing this story as if he didn't just lay and absolute Earth-rattling bomb.
  17. He's still talking
  18. He doesn't look the slightest bit embarrassed
  19. Who is this man
  20. I am no longer listening to anything you're saying
  21. I can sense words are exiting your mouth, but I can't seem to wrap my brain around the fact that a gaseous new born baby just left your body and you're acting as if nothing is wrong with the universe
  22. Please end this story quickly, Tom
  23. The more I think about the absurdity of this situation, the more I can't contain my laughter
  24. Please, Tom. I don't give a shit anymore
  25. I need to leave this conversation because all I'm doing is nodding my head to provide the illusion that I'm listening to what you're saying
  26. Okay, I'm just gonna gradually step away
  27. Fuck I'm starting to smile
  28. Don't laugh you weakling
  29. Just walk away
  30. Okay. You're out. Now go tell everyone you know what just happened.