Weekend Watchlist

I have Saturday and Sunday off from work so I'll be taking advantage of it by scratching some movies/tv shows off my watchlist. Probably won't get around to all of these, but I'm hopeful lol
  1. Lawrence of Arabia (rewatch) ✔️
    Haven't seen this movie in over a year and don't remember much besides how epic it all felt and obviously the soundtrack.
  2. On the Waterfront (rewatch) ✔️
    Only seen it once but one of the best movies I've ever seen
  3. The King of Comedy (rewatch) ✔️
    Great movie. Robert De Niro gives a really interesting, fun performance. I've wanted to rewatch this one since I first saw it.
  4. Goodbye to Language (first watch) ✔️
    Short film from Godard that came out a couple years ago. It's on Netflix and looks interesting so I'll definitely check this out.
  5. To The Wonder (first watch)
    Directed by Terrence Malick. My friend Nate is a big fan of Malick and he said he enjoyed this so I figure I'll give it a shot!
  6. Sunset Boulevard (first watch) ✔️
    I just need to watch this movie already.
  7. BoJack Horseman, Season 3 (first watch) ✔️
    One of my favorite shows ever. Season 2 was fantastic so I have high hopes for this! Comes out tomorrow on Netflix