What it feels like listening to certain artists

These are thoughts that come to mind, what it feels like I'm doing, or where it feels like I am while listening to these artists
  1. Animal Collective
    This is the closest I'll ever come to knowing what it feels like to have paranoid schizophrenia (particularly Strawberry Jam).
  2. The National
    Crying in a suit with a cheap bottle of wine
  3. Arcade Fire
    Going to my friends' house and playing when we were little
  4. American Football
    Midwestern suburbia
  5. Vampire Weekend
    "Damn, that palm tree is tall." (Idk, that's the first thought that came to mind and it seems like it generally fits)
  6. LCD Soundsystem
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: crying while dancing
  7. Father John Misty
    "I can't tell if this is serious or not, but I don't care as long as that voice stays velvety."
  8. Sufjan Stevens
    Teddy bears
  9. Beach House
    Driving through a tunnel