Mostly screenshots. Spoiler: it starts out great and ends terribly
  1. January
    A couple of days after we said we loved each other for the first time.
  2. February
    Always reminding me to smile on my bad days
  3. March
    Tomorrow you will shine
  4. April
    When I moved out and spent the night at your place without lying to my mom about where I was
  5. May
    Kate's 90's party
  6. June
  7. June (pt 2)
    It went on for 3 more pictures but I'll stop here
  8. July
    Botanical gardens day
  9. August
    Our weekend away
  10. September
    We went together to get Charlie on September 4th. You're his best friend.
  11. October
  12. November
    I had to live with my mom for almost a month. We took a break until after thanksgiving.
  13. December
  14. Happy new year :-)