Mostly screenshots. Spoiler: it starts out great and ends terribly
  1. January
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    A couple of days after we said we loved each other for the first time.
  2. February
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    Always reminding me to smile on my bad days
  3. March
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    Tomorrow you will shine
  4. April
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    When I moved out and spent the night at your place without lying to my mom about where I was
  5. May
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    Kate's 90's party
  6. June
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  7. June (pt 2)
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    It went on for 3 more pictures but I'll stop here
  8. July
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    Botanical gardens day
  9. August
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    Our weekend away
  10. September
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    We went together to get Charlie on September 4th. You're his best friend.
  11. October
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  12. November
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    I had to live with my mom for almost a month. We took a break until after thanksgiving.
  13. December
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  14. Happy new year :-)