That changed my life
  1. Brooklyn⭐️
    "A study in homesickness, which in this case means you ache for a place that, once upon a time, you were aching to leave." And that's the last six months in a nutshell. I bawled.
  2. The Martian⭐️
    A feel-good movie from beginning to end. Will probably finish the book after I'm done with this list.
  3. Inside Out⭐️
    For two hours (or six, since I saw it three times) I was Riley. I bawled.
  4. The Usual Suspects⭐️
    One of my favorite plot twists ever. Incredible.
  5. Teen Beach 2
    Never too late to make your own ending.
  6. Wet Hot American Summer
    Funniest movie ever made. Solidified my self-imposed comedy nerd image.
  7. The Royal Tenenbaums⭐️
    I've wanted to be Margot Tenenbaum ever since I first saw the mink coat on the movie poster; watching the film just solidified that.
  8. Paper Towns
    You should allow the people you love to be the people you love. (honestly, it didn't change my life. it sucked. but the book is one of my all-time favorites and it was nice to see some of it come to life, especially my favroite character in both, ben)
  9. Star Wars: Episode IV-VI
    It had to be done.
  10. Star Wars: Episode VII