"Happy." lol jk
  1. ca. 3rd grade
    Fashion designer
  2. ca. 5th grade
    Journalist (like my parents)
  3. ca. 7th grade
    Music producer (like Peyton Sawyer aka my ultimate favorite character)
  4. 8th grade
    Music journalist.
  5. 9th grade
    Lawyer (also maybe a nurse?)
  6. 10th grade
    Environmental lawyer
  7. 11th grade
    Corporate lawyer then international lawyer
  8. 12th grade
    Criminal lawyer then journalist then fashion journalist
  9. College, 1st semester
    Fashion production major looking to be a celebrity stylist in the future
  10. College, 2nd semester
    Still want to be a celebrity stylist, but I could also consider acting (even though I have zero training)