Things I take adderall to do, but then don't do because I waste the adderall texting my friends about how I don't want to do them
  1. Firing my tutor
    I've always wanted to fire her and never felt like doing it, but then I saw her getting kicked out of Surf Lodge while simultaneously taking off her dress in defiance of the bodyguards. Not entirely sure what she was going for with that move, but I'll seem lame and stuck up if I fire her after having seen her naked in the parking lot.
  2. Replying to a text from my friend who I made out with
    He's not sure if I remember and I'm not sure if I should take the path of acknowledgment or ignorance.
  3. Catching up on Game of Thrones
    I really procrastinated finding a weekly GOT crew, and now I have to abandon the season entirely. The only person down to rewatch episodes with me is the friend I made out with.
  4. Losing 5 pounds before I have to be in a bathing suit
    That deadline was Mem Day weeknd, and since summer's almost over I'm just going to wait until next year to start my diet because everyone's already seen me in a bathing suit.
  5. Sending my clothing to the dry cleaner
    You never know if, as soon as you bring something to get cleaned, you'll be invited to an event that only that item is suitable for. And what's the point in walking all the way there if you'll just have more dirty clothes tomorrow? I may as well keep all of it dirty and then go broke buying and rebuying the same exact Reformation clothes that are in my hamper.