It's totally ok for adults to have fake bffs, right? These are mine in no particular order....list to be updated as I get new fake bffs
  1. Tina Fey
    No explanation needed
  2. I think we can go shopping, order the best Vietnamese sandwiches, and talk crap about people
  3. Amy Poehler
    Everyone needs that one funny BFF that can also kick someone's ass
  4. Everyone needs a BFF that can make them feel smarter and make them laugh. Bonus: my nerdy engineering space talk probably wouldn't bore him...ok, maybe it would.
  5. Amy Schumer
    I need that friend that would say the things I'm thinking but am too afraid to say
  6. James Harden
    He seems cool, former Sun Devil kicking ass in the NBA, and he could probably give me a boost so I could dunk the ball which I've always wanted to do.
  7. Jennifer Lawrence
    I think I could be myself around her and you know burp and fart and she wouldn't judge
  8. Casey Wilson
    So we can talk Housewives, obvs