I ate a lot of things on our Disney two days...a lot of things.
  1. Chili-lemon corn was my first treat. Picked it up right outside Big Thunder Mountain after we got off the ride. Very tasty!
  2. Lunch from Pluto's Dog House. Got a quick hot dog, chips and drink in Toon Town so we could keep going on to the next ride.
  3. Churros, obvi. Kids kept bugging for them so I just "had" to get them. So. Good.
  4. Lily wanted ice cream and by the time Matt came back with it, she had fallen asleep so Joaquin and I got to enjoy it.
  5. Dinner from the French Market. I went with the meat loaf dish. Yum!
  6. The snack stands at California Adventure had mango that came with Tajín and lemon! This was a welcome surprise. So good!
  7. First time eating at Paradise Garden Grill where they had Mediterranean food. I opted for the steak kabobs and Matt had the gyro. Both were delish. Definitely going to do this one again.
  8. Churros again :) This time the kids requested them twice during the day so we ate them twice. No complaints here!
  9. Always a must to grab a snack at Ghiradelli on the pier. I usually go for the peanut butter fudge sundae but they had a new sundae, the Ocean Beach Sea Salt Caramel sundae. It was to die for! So good!
  10. The kids always love a meal at Flo's Cafe while we watch the Racers fly by so we ate there for dinner. They added ribs to the menu so I had that. Good stuff!