Basically, everything you need to know
  1. Put them on a schedule. Stick to it.
    After the first three months, put your baby down at the same time every night, feed them at the same times during the day, and nap as well. Regularity is the key to sanity both for them and for you.
  2. Minimal sugar
    Cuz duh. But it's hard. Sugar is so pervasive in kid culture, it's amazing. You may think you're being a jerk mom/dad, but simple observation will show you sweets cause more heartbreak than happiness. I'm not saying be a nazi, but drugs are bad.
  3. Minimal screen time
    TV is a drug. See above. I appreciate that it's also a sanity saver for you. But you don't have to play with them every minute they're not watching something. Ignoring them is good for their imagination.