These are the things that perpetually perplex me about travel.
  1. Why do people bolt up when the fasten seatbelt sign goes off? Are they that eager to stand for fifteen minutes?
  2. Women who wear 6 inch heels to teeter through the airport
  3. People who grab the back of your seat to stand up. Do some Pilates and get some core strength.
  4. People who leave their seating areas a total mess. Rude.
  5. Why people try to talk to me when I'm wearing headphones and watching The Notebook.
  6. People who eat tuna/smelly foods on planes.
    Suggested by @hillarykerr
  7. People who do not respect the boundaries of their seat.
    Suggested by @laure
  8. People who wear flip-flops on the plane.
    Suggested by @EricElkins
  9. People who get in line to board before boarding starts.
    Suggested by @sharris
  10. people who clap when the plane lands.
    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand
  11. When people hang out in the toilets for like twenty minutes. What are they doing in there for so infernally long? Actually I don't want to know.