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  1. How passionate I am about making the world a better place
  2. My sense of humor
  3. My writing skills
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Inspired by the defining list by @jaidub
  1. 30 Rock - "Jack-tor" s1e5
    The episode with the legendary "Muffin Top" song
  2. Parks and Recreation - "Ron and Tammy Part II" s3e4
    Ron's cornrows, the leg humping, it's all disgusting and wonderful
  3. The Office (US) - "The Injury" s2e12
    Just the perfect taste of each character, also @mindy wrote it, also Michael falls in the toilet and Dwight barfs.
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  1. I got a working record player
  2. I got Kamasi Washington's "The Epic" on vintl!
  3. I found my Frida Kahlo bga
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  1. Stabbing people with an X-Acto knife
    This happened in Miami
  2. A tissue lying crumpled up on the floor
    Happened at MoMA
  3. Sleeping
    Tilda Swinton did this
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  1. Painting my nails
  2. Picking off the nail polish I put on my nails
  3. Playing with my haijr
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  1. When people breathe through their mouths
  2. When people don't text back without a good reaosn
  3. When someone is rude to waiters/servers
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  1. My love of stand up comedy
  2. My eyes
  3. My anxiety
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  1. My artistic talent
  2. My love of natue
  3. My disposition to be depressed
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Have you ever noticed how similar Dwight Schrute and Ron Swanson are?
  1. The intense and unlikely mentor/mentee/work wife/work husband dynamic duo
    Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon
  2. The Attention-whore
    "My resolution was to get more attention" -Kelly Kapoor @mindy "I'll do it, but only for the all the attention I'll get." - Jenna Maroney
  3. That one young guy who is entrepreneurial
    Tom Haverford: Rent-a-swag, Entertainment 720 Ryan Howard @bjnovak: Wuph.com
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  1. A Keith Haring coloring book titled "My First Coloring Book" that I bought for myself in NY last spring.
  2. Malcolm X's Autobiography
  3. A magazine with Bjork on the cover
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