Inspired by the defining list by @jaidub
  1. 30 Rock - "Jack-tor" s1e5
    The episode with the legendary "Muffin Top" song
  2. Parks and Recreation - "Ron and Tammy Part II" s3e4
    Ron's cornrows, the leg humping, it's all disgusting and wonderful
  3. The Office (US) - "The Injury" s2e12
    Just the perfect taste of each character, also @mindy wrote it, also Michael falls in the toilet and Dwight barfs.
  4. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person" s3e9
    Dayman and Nightman are born, and the political incorrectness is so good.
  5. Arrested Development - "Visiting Ours" s1e6
    Gob and Kitty, Lindsay and Tobias go to see their therapist, Bob Odenkirk, it's so good.
  6. Bobs Burgers - "Bad Tina" s2e8
    So much uncomfortable teenagedom
  7. Louie - "Double Date/Mom" s1e7
    "I don't love you mom" is just so dark
  8. The Office (UK) - "Work Experience" s1e2
    The whole sexism thing is so good and smart
  9. Maron - "The Mom Situation" s2e4
    Having to get your mother an STD check has never been funnier