1. How passionate I am about making the world a better place
  2. My sense of humor
  3. My writing skills
  4. My love of art
  5. The creativity I bring to my own art
  6. The amount I care about the people who matter most to me
  7. The enthusiasm I have when talking about a topic that excites me
  8. My capability to be introspective and insightful about the process behind my own feelings and actions as well as others
  9. The loyalty and pride I feel towards the people closest to me
  10. My music taste
  11. My knowledge of art history
  12. My intense political and moral views and standards
  13. How generous I can be
  14. How expressive I am
  15. My unquenchable thirst for knowledge
  16. How much I feel emotions
  17. How straightforward and honest I can be
  18. My empathy
  19. My capabilities to take care of others