Both romantically and friend-ish
  1. Donald Glover
    Ok he's SO COOL. Like his music is fantastic, his comedy? A+. And then to just run it over the top he has beautiful clothing and is so handsome. Just honestly such a perfect human.
  2. Tavi Gevinson @tavi
    I have had the BIGGEST crush on Tavi for years bc I like just adore everything she's about. I think she's so beautiful and so smart, and I just have been so inspired by her ugh being her friend would be so chill I can't even imagine it.
  3. Carrie Brownstein
    Yet again just an awesome musician and comedian/actor. Also her clothes at so fucking stylish
  4. Paul Rudd
    He doesn't age, his funny. And it would fulfill my dream of being Cher in Clueless.
  5. Amy Rose Spiegel @amyrose
    Ever since she started the makeup basic stuff for Rookie I've thought Amy Rose was so insanely cool and beautiful.
  6. Tim Curry
    He literally oozes sexuality, like he's sexy on Rocky Horror, he's amazing and talented and just so so great.
  7. St. Vincent
    She is so ethereal and her music is beautiful. Idk she's just like the epitome of grace and she's so so chill wow.
  8. Omg ever since I started following her on tumblr I thought she was SO hip and cool and just a really good and positive person who just shines. 10/10 would want to be friends.
  9. David Sedaris
    I've been obsessed with him for years and I am still to this day. Never get tired of his stories and he's just like the most dark person and I want to just talk and listen to him forever.
  10. Hazel Cills
    Ugh hazel is such a great writer and is so smart and has such amazing outfits and makeup. I remember just like being in awe of her coolness and I wish I was friends with her she's so smart and savvy and just v cool.
  11. Bernie Sanders
    He just is so amazing. I don't even think I can explain it bc I get emotional.
  12. Ezra Koenig
    Ok, amazing tweets, best dad clothes. So smart, and beautiful music. I love him.
  13. Jenny Slate
    Ever since I listened to her interview on Marc Marons podcast I've though Jenny was amazing. Idk it was so nice listening to her talk about her life, and I just love her without knowing her.
  14. David Macklovitch
    Great music, Canadian, Jewish, speaks French and teaches at Columbia. He is insanely handsome and I want to kiss his face.
  15. Amy Sedaris
    She's so twisted I love it and I just want to laugh at horrible things with her.
  16. Laverne Cox
    She is a goddess and I feel like she just radiates self love and warmth.
  17. Ira Glass
    I religiously listen to ThisAmLife and Ira is just so cool. He's funny and his voice is the best.
  18. Ilana Glazer
    Comedic genius. She makes me so happy and laugh so much, and the fact that she actively talks about self love and body acceptance and is so open minded, she's just so cool.
  19. David Lynch
    He made Twin Peaks and was on Louie. Enough said.
  20. Tig Notaro
    Literally has the most life experience and is so funny. I just feel like she'd be awesome to like have a beer with.
  21. Janet Mock
    Her book and story are so amazing and I just want to be around someone who is so happy
  22. Trevor Noah
    Smart, funny, political. Not to mention the accent. I could watch him for forever.
  23. Zoe Kravetz
    Ok she is so beautiful and talks about being a black woman in show business openly, and she just is so cool like it must be v chill hanging with her.
  24. Alia Shawkat
    Such an overlooked actress. Genius in Arrested Development, and Broad City. And she is so hip and cool, I just think she'd be so fun and hilarious!