1. When a baby cries for any reason at all
  2. When a man at temple says he loves his elderly mom, then follows that with "then she got hit by a car"
  3. When Donald Trump is on the news and ruining America
  4. Whenever anyone says the name "Beau Biden", aka the son of Joe Biden who tragically died, but who had a very silly name.
  5. When my friend choked on the salt rim of her margarita then accidentally stuck her hand in guacamole while coughing violently
  6. When my father asked if I was leaving his house early because I didn't love him
  7. When teenagers in Florida stole and then snorted a mans ashes because they thought it was cocaine
  8. When I heard a girl I dislike was crying
  9. When I heard about a very serious psychological case study on a boy who had no anus
  10. When a girl in my choral class fell off the bleachers
  11. When my ex boyfriend got cum in my eye
  12. When my friend got a bug bite on her eye and it swell up so big that she couldn't open it
  13. When the friend with the eye started crying because my other friend laughed audibly
  14. When I saw a blonde girl wearing a bindi on campus as a fashion statement
  15. When my English professor talks about necrophilia