1. A Keith Haring coloring book titled "My First Coloring Book" that I bought for myself in NY last spring.
  2. Malcolm X's Autobiography
  3. A magazine with Bjork on the cover
  4. "Just Kids" by Patti Smith that I borrowed from a friend but never returned
  5. A board with signatures from my 6th grade class that was hung at my Bat Mitzvah
  6. Thousands of cosmetic product free samples
  7. My moms social security card
  8. A birthday card I made for my friend Townes but lost before I could give it to him. It has a picture of Danny Devito on it.
  9. Thousands of neon index csrds
  10. A lot of art projects I made that involved glitter and glue
  11. Caps to pens that have vanished
  12. Pens whose caps have vanished
  13. Brochures to every museum I've been to
  14. A dried up glue srick
  15. Stationary
  16. Chargers for unknown objects
  17. 10 textbooks from middle school and high school that I forgot to return
  18. Unfinished drawings
  19. 1000 things of sheet music that I can't throw out
  20. A bongo drum