Art is everywhere
  1. Stabbing people with an X-Acto knife
    This happened in Miami
  2. A tissue lying crumpled up on the floor
    Happened at MoMA
  3. Sleeping
    Tilda Swinton did this
  4. Making eye contact
    Marina Abromovic.
  5. Sitting on the ground
  6. Screaming
  7. Spilling water
  8. Stripping in public
  9. Singing to yourself too loudly
  10. An abandoned child sitting alone
  11. Slapping someone
  12. Spat out gum on the floor
  13. Scattered cigarette butts
  14. Throwing eggs
  15. Turning on and off lights rapidly
  16. Standing still in one place for a long time
  17. A dog
    A'la Pierre Huyghe
  18. Spraying people with water guns
  19. Exposing your genitalia
  20. Smashing plates
  21. Dancing to no music
  22. Dancing to music
  23. Smearing paint/fecal matter on the walls
  24. A car halfway crashed into a wall
  25. Dog poop someone tracked in on their shoe
  26. A lost article of clothing
  27. A severed limb
  28. Bugs
    Pierre Huyghe
  29. A chair
  30. A single piece of limber
  31. A pile of fingernail clippinfs
  32. A controlled fire
  33. A puddle
  34. Punching a hole in a famous painting
    Like that one kid who destroyed that one Monet
  35. Shards of glass
  36. Rotting food