I'll be 30 the last day of September in 2019(!) #GoldenBirthday I've never done one of these types of things, but since I tend to get stuck and not actually DO things, I thought this might be a good idea. Not that these are all super fun things, but that's ok. That's how life is. Presented in no particular order. Some of these can be combined
  1. Go on a solo trip
    I'm not sure where, but something where I can do what I'd like to do and spend some quality time with myself not just in bed watching Netflix.
  2. Go on a road trip
  3. Go on a trip out of the country
    I've been to Canada once (but don't remember it) and I went to Lithuania in 2006. There's many other places I'd like to go.
  4. Go on a trip with my sister
  5. Go camping
  6. Visit at least three national parks
  7. Fall in love
    Or in lust? (Almost wrote list)
  8. Finally read the Harry Potter books
    Maybe now that I'm 26 they won't be as scary as when I was younger.
  9. Make a significant (to me) philanthropic gift
    I studied philanthropy in grad school, it's important for me to start making gifts.
  10. Make a big purchase
    Like a car. Or a condo. Or a house. Or something that is big. Haven't done that yet!
  11. Make a significant dent in my student loan debt
  12. Set up a retirement account
  13. Learn to actually stick to a budget
  14. Learn to feel comfortable in my body
    In whatever way that takes shape.
  15. Become a member of my local NPR station
  16. Run a 5k
  17. Buy a subscription - to a concert series or a theater season
  18. Go to a Dixie Chicks concert
    I feel like this one might be cheating because I am actually doing this in August of 2016, but now I know I'll at least do one of these.
  19. Continue to stay in touch with friends
    This has always been difficult for me. Mostly because it takes two people. But I really like the friends I currently have and would like it to stay that way.
  20. Take a big leap of faith
    I don't know what this will mean. This could be moving somewhere, taking a certain job, something with a guy. Who knows. But I want to just follow my gut and do something big.
  21. Learn a new life skill
    This could be anything from changing a tire to filleting a fish. I'm not sure why I would need to fillet a fish, but maybe I'll need to one day.
  22. Cook a turkey!
    Gobble gobble
  23. Learn a new craft
    Like calligraphy or crocheting or something like that.
  24. Make a piece of art
  25. Have a piece of art made for me
    I guess this would be commissioning, but that word feels like paying thousands of dollars and i just want to like find someone on etsy. I originally wanted this as a tattoo but decided one was enough. This line from a poem: The dark danced over the daisies and oh they were so bright
  26. Find a song to sing for karaoke
    You know how some people have their song? I want a song.
  27. Join a community orchestra
    I haven't played my violin in quite some time. I'd like to pick it back up again.
  28. Join a club
    Bowling, Book, whatever. (I'm a horrible bowler)
  29. Cook for others
    My sophomore year of college, I was living in an apartment with two other girls. For my 19th birthday, I invited some friends over and I cooked dinner for them. I really liked doing that.
  30. Make my own traditions
    I don't know when I will get married or if I will have kids, but I'd like to start my own traditions throughout the year.
  31. This was really hard! I'm going to print this out so I can see these and remind myself. 😊