1. One year ago, my then roommate and I hosted a Galentine's day party, complete with crafts, a waffle bar, treat yo self goodie bags, and wonderful decorations including signs with all of the compliments Leslie gave Anne.
  2. My friends and I were eating waffles and working on our crafts when all of a sudden, my roommate Grace disappeared out of the front door...
  3. ...Only to emerge a few minutes later with...
  4. MY SISTER!!
  5. My beautiful, wonderful, glorious sister surprised me and flew all the way to Indianapolis, IN from San Francisco to surprise me for Galentine's Day.
  6. She knew that she wouldn't be able to be there for my grad school graduation and wanted to see me.
  7. After screaming and freaking out for a bit, we enjoyed the rest of the party and my friends were able to meet my lovely sister.
  8. We spent the weekend going to urgent care because I had a UTI, we went to Costco, we went to a strange war museum in Indy, and she washed my hair because I had a giant cast on my broken wrist and washing my hair was very difficult.
  9. Fast forward to one year later.
  10. I now live in San Francisco, just blocks away from my sister.
  11. We haven't lived this close since 2004.
  12. Today, we have a session with our trainer, are going to go to the farmers market, and hopefully grab a bite to eat.
  13. I'm so excited to be in the same city as my sister and to build a relationship as adults.