Or, I haven't published a list in a while and feel like I should.
  1. Waking up without an alarm clock, but still early so that waking up on Monday won't suck.
  2. Laying in bed for a while looking at shit on your phone.
  3. Making scrambled eggs and dousing them in cholula.
  4. Taking the M muni line to a new bookstore.
  5. Buying three books.
  6. Going grocery shopping.
  7. Starting a new book. (Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld)
  8. Falling asleep on your bed in the sunlight with a breeze coming through the windows.
  9. Snackin on some pretzels and Nutella.
  10. Further plans: cook some chicken and make some pesto pasta, keep reading my book, watching the hilariously curated episodes of House Hunters on the "third collection" in Netflix.
  11. 🤗