My mom and dad sent me and my sister to camps all summer long. And not the kinda where you just canoed and did arts and crafts. These are the ones I remember. Also, I went to camps until I was 16 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. Typing Camp
    We just spent the day playing lots of typing computer games. Good news - I'm a pretty good typist!! (Typer? Whatever it's called)
  2. Speed Reading Camp
    Half of the day I learned how to speed read. I don't know how to speed read anymore.
  3. Speech Camp
    This was the summer before high school. We learned to give speeches and dramatic readings. Also at this camp we had this wacky field day at the end of the first week. There was a watermelon eating contest and I was such a champ at this!!
  4. Overnight French Camp AND Overnight Spanish Camp
    These were fun. In elementary school I went to French camp in northern Minnesota and my older sister went too. It was my first time away from home (1 week) and she pretended there was a little troll that would bring me presents. Also the place I learned to love muesli, baguette with yummy butter and jam, and toblerones. She was pretty 👍🏻. Spanish camp (also in northern MN) was also super fun and was 2 weeks long. I loved it.
  5. Chinese Camp
    I know zero Chinese and we ate pizza rolls? Not sure what that was about. Oh well!
  6. Tennis Camp
    This was the same summer of Chinese camp. I have no hand eye coordination, so that was not good. I'm also not athletic at all.
  7. Horse Camp
    Half the day we spent in a barn and the other half we learned about horse anatomy. I was terrified of the horses and would just spend time on a bale of hay in the barn at the morning.
  8. Newspaper Camp
    We made a newspaper Every. Single. Day. It was actually pretty fun! This was during middle school summers. That camp teacher wound up being one of my high school Spanish teachers, so my Profa knew quite a bit about me!
  9. Broadcast News Camp
    This was high school version of the newspaper camp. Fun fact: one of the girls from this camp wound up being my next door neighbor in my freshman year dorm!! That was fun. Also I have so many embarrassing videos from this at my parents house.
  10. Music Camps!!!
    I've played the violin since I was 3 🎻👧🏼 From when I was maybe six or seven until I was maybe 12 I went to a music camp in Stevens Point WI with my mom and sister. It was super fun! In high school I went to much longer camps, one summer at Northwestern University and then two summers at Madeline Island in Lake Superior. Those were my favorite and my most magical music experiences and made me want to study music in college.
  11. Community Organizing Camp
    No joke. Minnesota is a pretty liberal place. This was soon after Senator Paul Wellstone died in a horrific plane crash. My mom worked for Wellstone for many years, including when I was little. So, my sister and some other people organized this camp for young people to learn how to be grassroots organizing. It was pretty fun but exhausting. I do nothing with organizing now, but my sister is a union organizer now! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿