Inspired by @e listing about skipping down a hallway
  1. Rolling down the hallway on the all boys floor of my freshman college dorm, to get to the door of the guy I thought was cute.
  2. Snow Angels in the gross pile of plowed snow at 2am on "the street with all the bars" in college
    Suggested by @kate81
  3. Pretending the side of the rented college house is a boat that you are christening with the bottle of wine that you managed to break the cork off
    I had an accomplice, it didn't work, and even though we probably didn't need more wine if I recall we found a more logical way into that bottle
    Suggested by @kate81
  4. Having a piggyback race with my friend and two boys (I was on my friend's back) and she obviously tripped and ate shit but threw me to safety on her way down, at which point I decided it was nap time, and she very briefly thought I died.
    Suggested by @ohheymary
  5. Falling down the stairs at the bar on my 22nd birthday. Like, from the top all the way down. Then standing up and announcing "I'm fine! I didn't even spill my drink!"
    Oh, I definitely spilled that drink. And I definitely woke up with a bruise on my thigh the size of Texas.
    Suggested by @e