What's something entertaining or interesting that you have read recently that isn't depressing or too deep? Here are two of mine, both found through comments right here on @list!
  1. My 14 Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday's Endless Appetizers. http://gawker.com/my-14-hour-search-for-the-end-of-tgi-fridays-endless-ap-1606122925
    Found on @sesealyah's list Favorite Appetizers Favorite Appetizers in a comment from @lizabeth.
  2. Found in @sarahgorman's list The Kardashians, Simply RankedTHE KARDASHIANS, SIMPLY RANKED in a comment by @taner_banana
  3. This Instagram account belongs here at List, hope they join soon!
    Suggested by @lizelle
  4. These three informed articles on Rey in The Force Awakens: http://clubjade.net/?p=67584
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    Suggested by @moonjockey